Barn Stories

Learn the Stories Behind the Buildings barn is more than wood and nails. It is the history behind the construction; the experiences of the family that owned it; the traditions that surround these physical pieces of the agricultural landscape. Below you will find first-hand accounts of barn owners as well as films and in-depth articles. We invite you to learn and enjoy.



Barn Stories: Reminiscences and Anecdotes

Take a moment to enjoy these stories shared by readers on Each piece reflects on the writer’s memories and experiences with barns.


“Building the Dutch Barn” Film

“Building the Dutch Barn” is an educational short film about raising the quarter-scaled Dutch barn frame as part of the Teamwork & Timbers Program. Read an exclusive interview done with director, Brandt Bolding.


Featured Barns: In-depth articles

Learn more about these significant barns that have been highlight on Take a closer look at why these pieces of our history are so treasured.


Round Barns

Enjoy a look at this unique and interesting barn type on In addition to articles about round barns, a list of resources for further round barn research is included.


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