z_Bob’s BEST BOOKS on Historic Barns

The following is a well-researched selection of literature on historic barns and farming made by Bob Sherman  that was last updated on 1/31/2012.  

Apps, Jerry and Allen Strang: Barns of Wisconsin; Tamarack Press, Madison, Wisconsin, (1977 & 1995 editions).

Apps, Jerry and Julie Sutter-Blair: The Wisconsin Traveller’s Companion; Wisconsin Tales and Trails, Madison, (1997).

Arthur, Eric & Dudley Witney: The Barn, A Vanishing Landmark in North America; Feheley Arts Co., Toronto, (1972).

Artley, Bob: Once Upon a Farm; Pelican Publishing Co., Gretna, Louisiana (2000)

Babcock, Richard & Lauren R. Stevens: Old Barns in the New World; Berkshire House Publishers, Lee, Mass., (1996).

Ball, Bernice M.: Barns of Chester County, Pennsylvania; Chester County Days, West Chester, Pa., (1974).

Charles, F. W. B.: The Great Barn of Bredon; [U.K.] David Brown Book Co., Oakville, Ct. (1997)

Darley, Gillian: The National Trust [British] Book of the Farm; Crescent  Books, N.Y., (1981).

Dean, Virgil W.: Kansas History, A Journal of the Central Plains  (Vol. 22, No. 1, 1999)  Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka.

Dornbush, Charles E.: Pennsylvania German Barns; Allentown, Pa., Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, (1956).

Endersby, Eric, Alexander Greenwood, David Larkin & Paul Rocheleau; Barn, The Art of a Working Building;    Houghton Mifflin, Boston, (1992).

Ensminger, Robert F.: The Pennsylvania Barn, Its Origin, Evolution, & Distribution in North America  John Hopkins Univ. Press, Baltimore, (1992). (Second edition (2002)

Fink, Daniel: Barns of the Genesee Country, 1790 – 1915; James Brunner, Geneseo, N.Y., ( 1987).

Fitchen, John & Gregory D. Huber: The New World Dutch Barn; Syracuse Univ. Press, Syracuse, N.Y., (1968 & 2001 editions).

Gehhard, Torsten: Alte Bauernhauser.Verlag Georg D. W. Callweg, Muchen, [Germany] 1979 [in German]

Glass, Joseph W.: The Pennsylvania Culture Region, A View from the Barn; UMI Research Press, Ann Arbor, (1986).

Glassie, Henry: Barn Buildings in Otsego County, New York; Folklore  Institute Indiana Univ., Bloomington, (1974).

Gorczyca, Beth & B. Miller: Ohio’s Bicentennial Barns; Wooster Book Co., Wooster, Ohio, (2003).

Griswold, James W.: A Guide in Medieval English Tithe Barns; Peter Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, (1999).

Hanou, John T.: A Round Indiana, Round Barns in the Hoosier State; Purdue Univ. Press, West Lafayette, (1993).

Harris, Richard: Discovering Timber-Framed Buildings. Shire Publications, Ltd., United Kingdom (1978).

Hart, John Fraser: The American Farm, How Farming Shaped the Landscape of America; Barnes & Noble, (1998).

Harvey, Nigel: Old Farm Buildings. [U.K.]  Shire Publications, Ltd. United Kingdom (1975).

Hughes, Graham: Barns of Rural Britain; Herbert Press, London, U.K., (1985).

Jordan, Tim:Cotswold Barns; [U.K.] Tempus Press, Stroud, Gloucestershire, U.K. (2006)

Kane County Urban Development: Midwestern Vernacular Farm Structures in Kane County, Illinois, Geneva, IL, (1980).

Keitham, Mary: Michigan’s Heritage Barns; Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, (1999).

Kirch, Larry & Jim Heinlen: The Round Barns of Winona County, Minnesota, and Environs; Sugar Loaf Press, Winona, Minneosta (1998)

Kirk, Malcolm: Silent Spaces, The Last of the Great Aisled Barns; Little Brown & Co., Boston, (1994).

Larkin, David: Farm, The Vernacular Tradition of Working Buildings;  Monacelli Press, New York, (1995).

Lowwe, Ludwig: Schlesische Holzbauten; [Silesian Wood Buildings] Werner-Verlag, Dusseldorf, (1969). {in German]

Lydan, Stryd & Hendre-Wen: Welsh Cruck Barns; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff (1994)

Marsh, Robert: Barns of Kansas; Kansas Electric Cooperative, (2002).

Marshall, Howard W.: Folk Architecture in Little Dixie, A Regional Culture in Missouri; University of Missouri Press, (1981).

Marshall, Howard W.: Barns of Missouri, Storehouses of History; Missouri Electric Cooperatives, Jefferson City, Mo., ( 2003).

Marshall, Jeffrey L. & Willis M. Rivinus: Barns of Bucks County;  Heritage Conservancy, Doylestown, Pa., (2007).

Martins, Susanna Wade: Historic Farm Buildings; B. T. Batsford, Ltd., London, U. K. (1991).

Moffett, Marian & Lawrence Wodehouse: East Tennessee Cantilever Barns; University. of Tenn. Press, Knoxville, (1993).

Montell, William Lynwood & Michael Lynn Morse: Kentucky Folk Architecture; Kentucky Bicentennial Bookshelf, Univ. Press of Kentucky, (1976).

Noble, Allen G. (Editor): Wood, Brick & Stone, The North American Settlement Landscape Vol. 2 Barns & Farm Structures; Univ. of Mass. Press, Amherst, Mass., (1984).

Noble, Allen G. & Hubert G. H. Wilhelm: Barns of the Midwest; Ohio U. Press,  Athens, Ohio, (1995).

Noble, Allen G. & Richard K. Cleek: The Old Barn Book, A Field Guide to North American Barns & Other Farm Structures; Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, N. J., (1995).

Plowden, David: The American Barn; W. W. Norton, New York, (2003).

Poortvliet, Rien: The Farm Book; [Netherland] Harry N. Abrams, New York, (1980).

Pottler, Viktor Herbert; A;lte Volksarchitektur:  Old Folk Architecture] Sonderausgabe Wein, Austria, (1984). [in German]

Radojkovic, Jon: Barns of the Queen’s Bush; [Canada] Brucedale Press, Port Elgin, Ontario, (2001).

Roberts, Warren E.: Log Buildings of Southern Indiana; Trickster Press, Bloomington, Ind., (1984 & 1996 editions).

Roe, Keith E.: Corncribs, In History, Folklife, & Architecture; Iowa State Univ. Press, Ames, (1988).

Schepers, Josef: Haus und Hof Westfalischer Bauern; [in German] Westfalisches Frelichtmuseum, Detmold, Germany (1994).

Schaefer, Vincent J.: Dutch Barns of New York, An Introduction; Purple Mountain Press, Fleischmanns, N.Y., (1994).

Schumm-Burgess, Nancy: The Barns of Lake County; Land Conservancy of Lake County, Illinois, (2004)

Shoemaker, Alfred L. & Don Yoder: The Pennsylvania Barn; Pennsylvania  Dutch Folklore Center, Lancaster, Pa., (1955).

Sloane, Eric: An Age of Barns; Ballantine Books, New York, (1967 & 1973 editions).

Slocombe, Pamela M.: Wiltshire Farm Buildings 1500 – 1900; Devizes Books Press, Wiltshire, England, ( 1989).

Soike, Lowell J.: The Round Barns of Iowa; Penfield Press, Iowa City, (1983).

Stevens, John R.: Dutch Vernacular Architecture in North America, 1640-1830; Society for the Preservation of Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture, West Hurley, New York (2005)

Thiede, Klaus: Alte Deutsche Bauernhauser. Durck, Von J.F. Steinhopf, Stuttgart, 1963 [in German]

Triumpho, Raichard: Round Barns of New York; Syracuse University Press, (2004)

Van Ravenswaay, Charles: The Arts and Architecture of German Settlements in Missouri, A Survey of a Vanishing Culture; Univ. of Missouri Press, Columbia, Mo., (1977), 2nd edition (2007).

Visser, Thomas Durant: Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings; Univ. Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire, (1997).

Vocational Agricultural Teacher’s Association of  Kentucky:  Barns of Kentucky; Donning Company, Virginia Beach, Va. (2001)

Vlach, John M.: Barns; W. W. Norton Co., New York, (2003).

Weaver, Will & Doug Ohman; Barns of Minnesota; Minnesota Historical Society Press, (2004).

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