For Kids and Classrooms

Our activities are directed towards youth in grades fourth through twelve and cover areas such as math and social studies.

What is Timber Frame Construction?

Types of Wood Used in Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame Vocabulary–Crossword

Timber Frame Vocabulary Wordsearch

Timber Frame Construction

Mechanization of the American Farm and the Role of the Barn


Farm Math Story Problems

Farm Geometric Solids–Math #1 

Farm Geometric Solids–Math #2


Extension Activities: Preserving Our Barns

Extension Activity #1 – Preserving Barns 

Extension Activity #2 – A Barn Guide to History

Extension Activity #3 – Barn Survey Instructions

Extension Activity #4 – Be a Barn Raiser


Be A Quilt Maker

Log Cabin pattern


What would it have been like to eat at a barn raising meal

Barn Raising Meal Worksheet

Barn Stories #4

Barn Poetry

Barn Literature #1 – A Barn is More Than a Building

Barn Dancing

Barn Computer Lesson – Drawing Barn Roofs

An American Barn Raising #1

An American Barn Raising #2
Anatomy of a Timber Frame Barn
Basic Information about The Charles Fish Barn (English-style barn)
Anatomy of The Charles Fish Barn
Barn books for Children

We’d like to thank the Trillium Dell TimberworksFriends of Howell Living History Farm (the Mercer County (NJ) Park Commission), and Barn Again! (National Trust for Historic Preservation) for sharing the above materials for our educational programs.

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