Rural Heritage Tourism & Conservation

Experience America’s Rural Heritage


Braun barnA vital part of preserving America’s rural heritage is through the opportunity to share its value with others. Below are resources showcasing successful heritage tourism programs and resources that focus on helping others achieve this success.




USDA Rural Tourism Resources

Visit the United States Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library to learn about an array of rural tourism resources across the United States, including information about regional and agricultural tourism development.


National Heritage Area – Silos and Smokestacks

National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are an effective tool for promoting a region’s rural heritage. One great example with strong connections to historic agriculture is the Silos & Smokestacks NHA in Iowa. Dedicated to preserving and sharing America’s agricultural story they “celebrate the land, people, and communities of the area”.


Farmland Information Center

The American Land Trust’s Farmland Information Center is “a resource for farmers and communities who need help saving their farm and ranch land”. Included is information on laws, landowner options, and information for beginning farmers.


Following the Barn Quilt Trail

The American Barn Quilt Trail movement highlights the marriage of historic barns with traditional handcrafts and encourages traveling the back roads of rural America. Learn more at Suzi Parron’s website,, or the NBA blog post about barn quilts: A Traditional Marriage: Historic Barns and Beautiful Quilts.

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