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American Barns Postal Stamp Series

Hey there, friends of old barns & farms!  Want to help us show how much we need a series of USPS stamps for American Barns?  Help sign our petition and help spread the news!

cantilever_barn_stamp.jpgLate in 2015, the NBA sent a letter introducing the concept of a series of barn stamps showcasing some of our country’s most iconic buildings!  Here is just an excerpt for your review:

“Like our coastal lighthouses, the American Barn changes from place to place due to the people who built them, the technology of the day, and the conditions where the barn was built. So ‘English’ barns, in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region from their settlement into the late-nineteenth century, will have distinctive features which will distinguish them from Pennsylvania Standard Barns, for example, with roots in German and Swiss traditions from the later-half of the nineteenth century. And while both of those regions informed the construction of the barns of the Midwest constructed in the mid-to-late-nineteenth century, Midwest barn builders adapted their barns to respond to the farming trends of their time, including incorporating the iconic gambrel style roof. It is very striking and appealing to be able to see and appreciate the varying languages of barn architecture; an architecture that is also simply beautiful.

“…All regions have wonderful barn building traditions; traditions that have not been studied or documented well enough. But what we also know is that it is in the regions where more attention has been paid to the history of the barn, that more barns are being preserved. There is a direct link between knowledge and familiarity, with preservation. Once again, we only preserve what we know and like. An American Barn postage stamp series can and will contribute to the preservation of these great and iconic buildings all across the country.”

To aid our efforts and further convince the USPS of our dedication to this issue, the NBA is putting together this online petition and a social media campaign!  Please take a moment to sign up and share this page with your friends and fellow barn lovers as we use #barnstamp in our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere to bring attention to this great idea.

Plead your case to the powers that be at the USPS – sign our petition!

We Want Barn Stamps at the USPS!


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