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"We seek to provide national leadership for the preservation of America's historic barns and rural heritage through education, documentation, conservation, and networking."

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The National Barn Alliance has a listing by state of barns for rent. It is updated regularly.


We view historic barns as cultural resources and heritage assets that are vital to understanding the history of our nation.  These resources are irreplaceable and worthy of preservation. The reasons to save our barns are many, particularly as their numbers continue to dwindle.  Sharing the knowledge of these heritage assets with our youth is one of the primary purposes of the NBA.  You can learn more about some of our past and current K-12 education initiatives below.

Teamwork & Timbers Program – Our hand-on educational program where kids build a quarter-scale timber framed barn!

“Building The Dutch Barn” Film – An educational film about raising the quarter scaled Dutch barn frame as part of the Teamwork & Timbers Program.

For Classrooms – Find what you need as an educator or youth group volunteer to teach kids about barns with activities.

Barn Books for Children – A fine list of barn books geared towards youth.

Sharing is learning! We provide a platform for barn preservationists and owners to connect and share information. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, and visit our blog to connect with fellow barn enthusiasts.

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If you are working to save your family’s barn or that great old barn that symbolizes your hometown’s agricultural history, you are not alone!

Across America, hundreds of individuals, families, towns, working farms and historical societies have declared that their barns will continue to be part of the visual landscape, as useful farm structures or beginning new lives as educational and community resources.